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click here to see the great ALL NEW DRAGON3D MOD by Gorebagg: Who Cut the Cheese?

Gorby's professional game development team brings to our DRAGON 3D HARDCORE GAMES the CHALLENGE, EXCITEMENT and FUN that all 350+ of us in the LOL Clan have been looking forward to for many years now, ever since we started playing tabletop AD&D in our Alta Street Facility back in 1975.

ID Software contractors Gorbagg da Lost and the Legendary American McGee with top quake gamers

If you ever saw Gorby in early Quake 1 games before we had quakeworld, gamespy and DSL hookups, you know what I mean when I say that his gameplay is totally awesome.


SIGN UP NOW for the NEXT DRAGON 3D Live Role Playing Game... you can find out more about them below on This incredible Dungeon-Master-Friendly LIVE HARDCORE ROLE-PLAYING GAME designed by EJ Gold and Claude Needham (Gorby and Xxaxx) features areas that actually look like what you think dragonslaying environments should look like, yet it's hometown based and virtually invisible to locals. Players Level Up Really Fast In Reno Dragon 3D Games

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. DRAGON 3D is definitely for NEW PLAYERS (noobs) as well as expert LRPG players. Players who have gone through at least one complete AfterLife Adventure are invited to participate as Assistant Dungeon Masters, but the fact is that anyone with or without Live Role Playing Experience can register for a DRAGON 3D Adventure and start out as a Level 1 Character, which means NO ARMOR, NO WEAPONS, NO DEFENSE and NO GOLD COINS, but soon you will have LEVELED UP and you'll be a DRAGONSLAYER or a DRAGON in no time at all, especially if you play the Reno Games!!! AT LONG LAST Gorby's LoL Guild LRPG (Live Role-Playing Game) DRAGON 3D is up & running.

You no longer need to download anything to play Dragon 3d...

To register for the next Dragon 3d Adventure, click here.

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